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Tropico 5
Escape Dead Island
Dungeons 2
Emergency 5 - Deluxe Edition
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Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package
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Omerta - City of Gangsters
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Trainz - A New Era
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Tropico 5
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Sila Game's Terms of Use - English

1- Domain Ownership of www.silagames.com

In compliance with "Ley 34/2002 de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico", we inform you that the ownership of our platform’s domain, www.silagames.com, correspond to Sila Software S.L., a firm legally established in Spain with CIF B65955890 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona the date of 02/13/2013, Volume 43605, Sheet 433352, Page 218 1st Registration. (Hereinafter SilaGames)

2- Purpose & Scope

The following Terms & Conditions have as purpose to regulate the availability of the information provided in this platform, as well as the commercial transactions arising between SilaGames and the users of the domain www.silagames.com and the apps belonging to SilaGames. Both, the online website and app navigation, and the use of any of the videogames shown there, imply fully acceptance as user of the following Terms & Conditions. SilaGames may modify the website to make any change deemed appropriate and necessary for the proper functionality of it without prior notice.

3- Intellectual Property.

All content available in the web and particularly the designs, texts, graphs, logos, icons, buttons, as well as the software, the commercial names, the brands or industrial drawings and other sign capable of industrial and commercial application are subject to intellectual property rights of SilaGames or third party holders, who authorized SilaGames its usage in the website. In any case shall be understood that any license is granted or that any waiver, transmission, total or partial grant of that rights are made neither any right nor expectation of rights is conferred, particularly those of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication, without prior permission of SilaGames or the owners concerned.

4- Customers and Users Liabilities.

In general terms, the user agrees to comply with the following conditions, as well as to comply with special warnings or instructions included here or in the website and to act always in compliance with laws, using due diligence and refraining from using the website in any form that could prevent, damage or deteriorate the correct operation of it, the assets or rights of SilaGames, its providers, and the rest of the users or, in general terms, of any third party. Access and use of the website is prohibited to minors without expressed consent of their parents. SilaGames is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by the users and therefore, cannot verify the age of the same.

Particularly, and without it implying any kind of restriction over the previous paragraph terms, the user of the website www.silagames.com agrees to:

a) The user guarantees the authenticity of every data provided to www.silagames.com and its derived webpages and to keep its data updated, so that it responds always to its current situation. The user is solely responsible for any falsehood or inaccuracy as well as for the damage that this may cause to SilaGames or others.

b) To not introduce, store or spread in or from the website, any kind of information or material that is defamatory, injurious, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, or that could incite to violence or discrimination by reason of race, sex, ideology, religion or that in any manner its prejudicial to morality, public order, fundamental rights, civil liberties, honor, privacy or image of others and the general regulations.

c) To not introduce, store or spread through the website any software, data, virus, code or any other device physic or electronic that could cause damage to the website or any other service, equipment, systems or network of SilaGames and its users, providers, partners or other third parties.

d) The user is responsible to properly keep its passwords supplied for the access as user or developer, preventing misuse or access by others. SilaGames is not responsible for the misuse of its user codes and passwords.

e) To not perform advertising activities or commercial exploitations through the website, and to not misuse the contents or information of www.silagames.com to send advertising, or sending messages with commercial purposes, neither to collect or store personal data of others.

f) To not use false identities, neither impersonate others in the use of the website or any other service of SilaGames, including the usage of personal codes or passwords of others in any form.

g) To not destroy, alter profit, disable or harm any data, information, software of SilaGames and its providers and other third parties.

h) To not introduce, store or spread through the website any content that could violate intellectual or industrial property rights or any other property owned by third parties.

5- Privacy and personal data protection.

Under the "Ley 15/1999, de Protección de Datos de character personal", we inform you that your personal data are incorporated into files responsibility of Sila Software S.L., a firm legally established in Spain with CIF B65955890 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona the date of 02/13/2013, Volume 43605, Sheet 433352, Page 218 1st Registration, with the aim of providing our service, namely, for:

  • Management and control of your account in www.silagames.com either as user or developer.
  • Management and control of the transactions that could take place via www.silagames.com
  • Management and monitoring compliance of the user and its account to this Terms & Conditions, and any other law or regulation applicable in its payments through the website.
  • The periodic sending of information related to our services, products and offers.
  • Users may submit their applications for access, amendment, cancellation or opposition (in particularly in order to not receive our commercial communications) to our Headquarters in Carrer Sant Joan de la Salle, 42, 08022 Barcelona (Spain) or sending an email to [email protected]

    6- Security and Payments

    The user agrees to pay to SilaGames in the case of acquiring a product or Premium account. Similarly, SilaGames reserves the right to change its rates, fees and prices for its products and service in any time, previously informing of the change to its premium subscribed users. The user is free to cancel payment and subscription of service in case of price changing.

    Premium subscribers can cancel that subscription at any time, but in any case the payment will be refunded if its effective month has started. In a cancelation, the reference month will be the following month.

    The payment of the subscription guarantees to the user the access to all products and services of SilaGames. This does not exempt the user form its liabilities mentioned in this Terms & Conditions.

    The user can pay with credit card safely. Our server uses SSL encryption technology and all operations are made in secured platforms, granting privacy and confidentiality of the data provided.

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology allows safe transmissions of personal data required in the transaction, such as name, address and credit card number. Encryption is coding the data in a manner that only those involved in that transaction will be able to decode. Encryption avoids external individuals to intercept transactions and know their content.

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